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I need to create 3 separate networks for 3 floors in a building. How can I achieve this?
All 3 networks will connect to the same server on floor 1 and use the same router on floor 1 to get internet.

Right now we have one cabinet with all cables from the 3 floors coming into the cabinet in floor 1 which is connected to the server and router.

Now if I buy 2 other cabinets, 2 switches, 2 Cat5e Patch Panels how will I connect everything?



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After you buy the 2 extra switches and patch panels( obviously for the other two floors ) you'll re terminate the data cables for each of those floors in their own respective cabinets (i.e for floor 2 you'll install one cabinet and the patch panel then terminate the data cables on that floor there. as you will also do for the other floor). then after the termination is done for each of the floors you'll then have to create a link to the 1st floor where the server and router are. so this means pulling only one cable from each of the floors to the server room. or you can also instead of pulling the cable from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor you can create a link from the switch on the 2nd floor. then the 2nd floor cable would be the one that acts as a link to both floors. Adios and good luck. :icon_cool:

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