I want to run a business and offer free broadband WiFi access to the internet for my customers. I use a Linksys WRT610N dual-N band wireless router and a DSL modem furnished by the telephone company and have a static IP address.

I have several questions and would appreciate advice on any of them.

1. I have a credit card machine wire-connected directly to the DSL modem for obtaining credit card approvals. Could this connection be hacked by one of my wireless users who will be connected to the router?

2. I also need to connect to the router for system administration. I would prefer a connection from outside the local network (such as from home) but can be wired or wirelessly connected directly to the router, if necessary. Can this be done securely? Is assigning a router user name and password all that is required?

3. I also have a video security system with DVR which has a network connection for remote monitoring and administration. Should this connection be made to the modem or to the router? Also, could one of my wireless users hack into this system?

4. I would like to have a "Welcome" page which would be the first page a wireless user would see when they connect to my network. This welcome page would allow pass-through to the internet but would also have several menu items for local information pages. I can create a suitable page in HTML but where would it need to reside? My Linksys WRT610N router has a USB connection for external storage. Can I use an external device here to store the HTML pages I want. If so, how would I make the "Welcome" page automatically appear. Would I need server software to serve the "index.html" welcome page?

5. Lastly, right now there is no dedicated computer permanently attached to the network. I connect my laptop when I need to for administration. Do I need to dedicate a computer full-time to the network with server software running on it to serve out the "Welcome" page?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

John, you CAN do all that stuff and more. What you need is some management software. There's your project...just google "setting up hotspot" you might add "sign-in page".

You'll find a lot of them...choosing your brand is going to be the challenge.

There's also lots of ways to setup a system like you describe...too many to recommend one. There's several forums on daniweb that discuss topics like this.

If you are comfortable being the keeper of such a system yourself, dive in. If you aren't or just don't have the time, I would opt for a Managed Services company that would administer all this for you...this can be done remotely and then you will have a consultant right there to help you set up.