The problem occured roughly 3 days ago, where the Wireless Network Connection speed will go from 11mbps straight down to 1kps then back up to 11 again and back down... constantly, 1 second apart.

I'm with BT broadband and so am using the Bthomehub router, and have been for the past few months with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

This happens to all the computers and laptops in the house using the 11b adapters, and with the 54g adapters it doesn't show the 11kbps or 1kbps as it just stays at the 54.0 Mbps with excellent signal, but still manages to be slow, just as slow as the 11b adapter.

I've called up BT and they wasn't much help, just said that our line was fine and it was something to do with the adpaters we have... which I find hard to believe considering that before this happened, all of them was fine and now every single computer and laptop receives 1Kbps Wireless speed no matter how close you are to the router.

This leads me to believe that it has something to do with port forwarding or the internals of the router.. but can't be sure..

Any suggestions or theories will be appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to help.

** Error in the listing **

I mentioned Kbps when I ment to say Mbps

my vote is for radio or magnetic interfearance.

if there was an issue with port forwarding you wouldn't see the logical link (11Mbps) drop to 1, this happens onyl* if your wireless nic is getting a (or what it thinks is) a weak signal.

any new neighbors with ham radios?

have you tried changing the channel your router uses from 6 (usually default) to 1 or 11?

54Ghz being at a higher frequency may not be getting enough interfearance to drop its signal strength, maybe just enough to slow down it's transmission because it has to resend a bunch of data that's getting messed with en route...

I have seen this happen in wifi crowded areas if there are one or more ::hidden:: networks.

*...In Real Life this can also be caused by software/hardware issues at the client side.

...on second thought, I would be sure my router/modem firmware and all my device drivers were updated too, just to be sure.

Do you have a cordless phone?

They operate on the same frequenecy as wifi. My wifi goes from 54 to about 3 when im on my phone.

I think youi will also find that if you have different wireless cards, running at different speeds, then network will run at speed of slowest card. Therefore these boxes act like hubs, not switches.

Bluetooth uses same frquency, but I have done tests in a classroom and did not find any problems.

Also do you have any neighbours with wireless ? If so try changing your channel number because if you are using same channel then there will be conflicts.

Hi, I tried all that was suggested, but there was not much improvement.

There are several routers around my area, but most of them have been around for a while.

I do have a wireless phone, but it's been operational for the past 2 years without any interferance with the router.

Is there a type of device that can scan for interferance? (probably a stupid question. That's what happens when you're desparate for fast internet again... you hope!)

Thanks for your help so far!

im not even really sure this is real but...


or you could always get a MIMO router.

I have another router, a Belkin MIMO router.

I tried hooking that up to see if the router was the problem, but it was still the same performance.

Wireless kept gettin interupted.

(Packet loss)

must be a client side wireless device thats scaling back the routers performance like Denis metioned earlier. time to try a bit of everyone's favorite game! proccess of elimination!