could any one help me to solve this proplem?? A composite signal contains 11 equally spaced frequencies from 300Hz to 3.3 KHz, each with amplitude of 10 volts. 1. Draw the frequency spectrum. Calculate signal bandwidth.

2. If the signal is to be sent on a circuit switching network what should be the bandwidth of the link.

3. Is it possible to send it on a telephone network (4kHz of bandwidth); draw the spectrum of the received signal.

4. Show graphically the effect of sending the signal through a 2kHz bandwidth link on signal spectrum.

5. Draw the spectrum of the received signal if it is sent through a circuit switched path of 5 links of 5, 4, 3, 4, 4kHz bandwidths.

yes but I work hard and I don't undearstanf it what can I do

also my teacher didn't discuset to us and nothing in the book

help meeee plez


Most of a human voice frequency distribution concentrates in the vicinity of 300 Hz to 3.5 KHz.

I guess instead of wanting help he really wanted somebody to do the homework for him?