Our website and email is currently hosted with one hosting provider. We have just created a new website on another server and wish to now point everybody to that server. However, we want to avoid the hassle of switching email service and therefore want to continue to have our email on the original server. Is this possible and if so, what DNS records do I need to change to make this happen?


You just need to re-create the exact same email accounts on the new server, with same passwords. However, if you are going to keep the old server, you can do a permanent redirect of the old website to go to new one, and leave emails on old server.

If you are actually changing website hosts, they should do everything for you if they are good hosts.

Thanks. I had already solved my problem.

I went to the old host and, throught their domain admin page, changed the two A records to point to the IP address of the new server. In doing so, I left the existing MX records unchanged. Now I have the website working and the email service from the old server working without problems. This has relieved me of the hassle of recreating 75 user accounts on the new server.

good to hear, thanks for coming back!