I believe what I write next might sounds nonsense or strange. I still believe that the same old known problem which has 100 thread "Limited or no connectivity" problem is not from my side, but I was wondering and I have decided to ask you guys. I have read other threads but found nothing similar.

I have laptop and desktop running WinXp with broadband connection in my room. I live in shared student apartment and both my house mates have internet!

2 weeks ago, I was using the internet and scanning my laptop at the same time with AVG free edition. The internet become slow and then the message "Limited or no connectivity" problem.

Later I had warning from AVG that svchost under _restore system volume information is trying to run. I moved it to virus vault.

I called the ISP and it seems that I am the only one complaining (more than 100 connection in the area).

I have called my ISP 10 times and last time they asked me to turn my PC on and give them the MAC ID.

They failed to fix the problem in the last 2 weeks and they decided to report to housing company.

now the interesting information which makes me doubt that the fault from my side that:

1- neither the laptop or the desktop are working - no internet
2- my laptop works fine at my house mate room - no problem
3- My desktop has no anti-virus software and no firewall
4- changed the Ethernet cables

what makes me wonder that, I was scanning my PC with AVG for the first time when/during this happened and the svchost warning!

I still have my suspect that that someone disconnected me from the main switch or the cable has ruined ...

any comments!

I don't have any switch in my room. The laptop is directly connected to the socket!

Please go to Start/Run then type cmd and hit Return. That will bring up a black window.

type /ipconfig /all and post the results here.

I have tried ipconfig before

the useual results

ip adress starting with 169

Anyway internet at my accommodation as a straight Ethernet connection and the Internet connection is therefore out of my control.

I do not use any switch or device to connect both the laptop and desktop to internet. I just unplug the cable!

I an quite sure that the problem is out of my hand. Yesterday, I have tried Ubuntu live CD and failed to connect to the internet!

However, the useless people at ISP and maintenance company tried to convince me that the problem is from my side, thats why I started to wonder if anything wrong happened during scanning my laptop with AVG! -- which might sounds silly!

I'd like to know if someone has unplugged my connection from the main Ethernet network (router / switch ) in the resident area, or my socket has been damaged, or .....