Hi can anyone help,

I have bought myself a lan hdd caddy. It is connected to my bthome hub and i can access it from my internal network but what do i need to do to access it from anywhere . Do i need to set up a vpn if so how. I want to be able to access it from work and from university from my laptop so i obviously cant change any of thier settings apart from the ones on my laptop. I know this is probably a really simple question but i need help.

Please help.


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Well, first of all, what operating system are you running. If your running windows, I really couldn't tell ya. If you put Ubuntu Server or Debian or something on a beige box as a server, simply do sudo apt-get install proftpd (ubuntu) or su -c "apt-get install proftpd" (debian) and edit your proftpd.conf to allow anonymous connections or whatever you want.


well the box doesnt really matter as the disk is connected to my router which is a bthomehub so im pretty sure its more to do with the settings on there!


Yea, you will need to setup an FTP server on your or a computer, and on that computer, setup a virtual drive for the network attached storage device. Then tell the FTP server on the computer to point to that drive, and then all the files on your NAS will be available from FTP.


i dont mean to be rude but i did kinda know that waht i dont know is how i set up an ftp server on a BTHomeHub? is it even possible or have BT locked it like usual?

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