Im quite new to this so sorry if this sounds a bit weird.Anyway i wan to share my grandays internet connection its aol broadband so normally youd buy a wireless router right and the other stuuf but ihave been told by vairous people that if i remove the aol modem and replace it aol will shut my account down with them.So is thier any way around this aol prob.The computers are in different houses but their only around 30 metres if that apart.
could i use 2 bluetooth usb adapters one in each computer

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The 2 bluetooth adaptors will work in theory. Whether the distance and connection will be ok is dicey. Has much to do with site conditions.

what do you mean site conditions?
where will i get the equipment i need

Who's the underlying DSL provider for the AOL DSL?

A lot of DSL providers (AOL included) use Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE). Basically, you authenticate yourself like a dialup connection, except you're using an ethernet/LAN connection instead of a phone line.

You can use wireless, but I don't suggest Bluetooth. Instead, look at 802.11 b or g spec Wifi adapters. You'll need one adapter per computer, and a wireless router that can do PPPoE.

Basically, you just configure the router with the correct username and password, then once you've correctly installed the wireless adapters, it should all just pick up automatically and work. What bentkey means by site conditions are factors such as distance, building materials used in the house, and other devices in the areas. Each of those can affect how well your wireless signal is sent and recieved. If it's too big a deal, you might want to look at wired Ethernet instead of wireless.

Im soory but i had no idea what you just wrote im new.the computer are about 30 meters if that apart.oh and the aol thing is if i dis connect their modem and replace it with a wireless router they will shut my account down.
can you explain it to me again but in a away that i can understand

The problem that you face is, you will not know for a fact if it will work or not until you actually buy the equipment, install it properly and see what happens. That's wireless. Since you are new to all this, I suggest you find someone close to you that does know how to set these things up. In your case it's not just a plug in and go operation. At least maybe if it doesn't work, you won't get charged for the adaptors if you negotiate it before hand. I often do this for my customers. If you can't use a router, I was figuring you could use network connection sharing from the main pc provided your wireless link is good. You need to actually read the documentation for the wireless product you buy if you're going to set it up. FYI, 30 meters is a long way for residential wireless in the real world. My guess is that you will not get this working to your satisfaction.

no, bluetooth doesnt work that way. but thats besides the point.

you dont need to remove you aol modem to atach the wireless router. the router goes between the modem and the computers. the instructions for hooking everything up come w/ the outer but you can ask for more if you need it.

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