I was wondering if theres any way ? any tweaks or tips.

Thanks in Advance on a reply.

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Not anything legal or effective. How much faster do you need?

If you're downloading something, make sure you're downloading from a server that can "saturate" your link, ie, use all of your available bandwidth. There are things like compression and such, but they're all kludges to implement, and aren't all that effective, IMO.

That person is correct. DONT DO IT!! You will drive yourself crazy with all the settings and trying to tweak it out. I found that dsl for me is the fastest with xp default. You mess with the settings you could make it tons slower, and if you mess up to much be ready to reload xp.

If your looking for a downloader, get a segment downloader like Get Right. It will down load the file faster by taking peice by peice. Etc.

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