I'm a newbie and I hope I've run this in the right forum.
My pc runs xp home sp3. Browser used is FireFox. My router is a D-Link, DSL-534T, ADSL2/2+. One other pc is connected for gaming and school. The problem is it worked fine one evening and when I started my pc the next morning the router does not work. We have not had any trouble with the router for months since we bought it. I have run all kinds of scans for virus, pc diagnostics and everything checks out fine. I have pushed default until I feel defaulted myself and it does not work. The power light is on, the status and adsl/link lights are off, my lan light is on and another lan light is on and that light is not connected to a pc at all. (I disconnected the other pc to work on this and that light is off) I am in Poland so this is a European router. Is there a command that will 'wake up' the router or cause default to work? I have backup data to recheck the router's webpage if I can get there. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks (oh, our IT guy that sold us this simply looked at it and said that 'it didn't work' and tried to sell us new one.)

It sounds as though the sales guy might be right. BUT first, try this:

(I know you have said you have pressed default...)

unplug everything from the router. including wireless stuff if there is any (turn off wireless devices if you have to.). find the hard reset button. press it in for at least 15 seconds. (you will need a paperclip or something) the router will reboot. plug your internet in, and wait 30 sec to 1 min. your adsl light should blink then come on. plug in one pc to the router. another light should come on. run network setup wizard on that computer as follows:
(XP- other systems will be different but similar)
open your network wizard (start-control panel-network setup wizard) on each computer. you want to select the "This computer connects through another computer or residential gateway" or something, then select computer name, select "turn file and printer sharing on"

you might need to restart the computer.

if any of these steps don't go smoothly, let me know. but I do suspect a bung device. sorry.

Thanks for the advice. I tried but the status and adsl lights stay off. I have also learned since your post, that the two 'geniuses' took the cd for the router and then tried to manually reinstall the router. Before this the lights were on, one solid and one blinking. They choose something like TC or TP (I don't know) and it started to load and about halfway through the lights went out and it said the program would have to wait until there was a connection. I assume that is why it just sits there. Needless to say, I am a little angry at the two. Is the router in conflict with programing and the default will not work? Or is default working but the router isn't responding because of a command to wait until there is a connection? The pc says it can't find the router. I wrote a D-Link distributor here in Europe and all they did was write back and ask that I take two minutes to answer some questions on how well they had helped me. They never did answer the question. Your help is appreciated.

D-Link routers are pretty famous for just dying. had a couple just give up on me for no reason

linksys are far more relaible.

I tried but the status and adsl lights stay off.

=not good.

if your router has been reset properly then you should be able to access it by putting one of these in the address bar of your browser:

these are the usual defaults for routers.

you need to be plugged into one of the 4 LAN ports on the back.

there is a way to find the IP address of the router but yo will need to wait until I can get in front of a network to work out ho to do it again

This is the first step: talking to your router. you need to get this right first.

can you do some googling and find the defaults if it don't work? I dont have time right now. sorry.

I don't use dlink so I dont know all the defaults. anyone else got them?

will need default home page, user and passw to help this person.


Sorry for the slow answer. I used to type and go directly to the router's site. Not anymore. My pc just says it can't find the router and the router's CD when run will check for a connection, says there isn't any connection and then will stop from proceeding.

ok... first question, since i dont know how you do things on your side... you connect to your router, your router connects to a modem, which goes out to the internet.

does the modem have connection?

have you tried to use the cd yourself to no avail?

the modem that you connect into, how does it connect to your isp? is it by a cable line, fiber, phone line, or wireless?

have you checked all connections to make sure they are stable, have you changed the cable that goes from router to modem, it may have gone bad since it last worked.

once these questions are answered we should have a better picture of the situation you are in.