Sorry that I'm a lay person

I heard that if I use a free anonymous proxy server to connect the internet instead of a direct connection, it would be more safe against hackers.

Is that true, an do you recommend it?
Any specific proxy recommand?

The thing I do not understand is:
When I surf by this free anonymous server, and go for example to a site where I nedd to submite user name, passwars, credit card number etc',
don't they get those numbers and information, I mean those who run this free anonymous server?


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Yes They Can. I read an article about the proxy's, and a lot of them maintain a certain amount of information about your surfing habits and other internet based activities. It started as a great idea, and turned into something else.


I wouldn't use it. People have different Idea's about it, but I can't see how channeling my information through someone else is more secure... unless I know and trust them with whatever I'm passing through them.



I found an outstanding way to secure what you do online. Just recently, Google came out with Wifi in the San Fransisco area, and they distributed software to secure peoples connections. It also seems to work for non-wireless connections. You can download it at...


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Using some unknown proxy server is going to be anything but secure!

Never send your passwords using an unknown proxy server.

But they are very good if you have privacy concerns. I always use anonymous proxy lists from that website. Some of the are high anonymous and fresh.

But remember, anonymous proxy servers are not for security, are for privacy.


The problem with all these free proxy lists is that if you try to use a proxy on one of these lists you will find that it's super slow, and even optimized sites such as google will take about 3 minutes to load!!

These lists are absolutely useless in my opinion

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