I am trying to network three computers, which all run on windows xp, and a printer. I have a router and dsl (if this helps) that is connected to all three of these computers. I was wondering how to get these computers conneceted and to be able to put a printer on the network. If you need more info ask, b/c I dont knwo what to do.

It's pretty easy if they all three are XP. On each computer Right click on My Computer and select properties. Then identification. Make sure they all have different names and the same workgroup name. They will NOT be connecting to a domain. Next, on the computer with the printer, right click on the printer you wish to share and select "Sharing" from the context menu. Then select "Share this printer". On the security tab, make sure the "Everyone" group is included. Next make sure that the users on the other 2 computers are added as users to this machine. Whatever user names and passwords they are using to login to those machines should be identical to the users and passwords you add on this machine. Then on each of the other two machines, you need to "Add" the printer. You can use Windows Explorer to browse the network and see the other machines and you should be able to see the printer you shared. In the Control panel "Printers" you can click "Add" and select network printer then browse to the printer on the other machine. If you have trouble, come back with details.

wow that does seem pretty simple. Thanks a lot.