I have a new challenge for me anyway. I have an office with 12 employees we are going to do way with the main office and connect everyone at there homes. Now I need to get all 12 accesses to a network share, accost the Internet. The share is on a XP pro box. I tried to set up windows VPN server, with limited success. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Mr. Cisco with one biased solution!

Here is a hardware solution providing that everyone has broadband in their homes, and you have a static IP where the "server" is:

12 X Cisco 3002's
1 X PIX 506 (25 VPN's max)

Probably more expense in initial cost than some other options (when is Cisco the cheapest option?) but rock solid, and support from Cisco TAC is pretty cheap on these devices.

I would rather not have my feet held to the fire when a crazy custom solution fails and 12 people can't work! I always figure that into the total cost of a solution.

Whatever you go with, good luck!

get cisco and put open vpn software.

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