We have SAP and Java application hosted in remote server. The users are connecting to the other side of the world, through a VPN tunnel to the remote server; RDPing into a terminal services server and then running SAP and Java.
The users are reporting slowness in accessing the applications and latency is 156 ms average
where we can optimize things, Is this a problem of SAP&Java application with RDP, or what. Can anyone offer any ideas on things to try?
The users are comparing our app with another division's app, saying the other one performs better. Both basically do the same thing.
How does the application architecture affect things? Is there anything I can look into to see if I can improve things?


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Is the other divisions app on the same server, How is the vpn setup is it hardware to hardware or windows dial up?


Other divsion is using the application hosted in the different server through different VPN tunnel.
It is hardware to hadware VPN configured through IPSec tunnels.
Does Replacing of IPSec tunnels by SSH tunnels will work out to resolve the issue.
Hope this will feed your thoughts to resolve the issue.
What are the possible options to reduce the latency from 153ms

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