Hi all I am planning to work on my Final Year Project for my Engineering

and I am plaaning to chose the followin topic for my final year project and i will surely need ur valuable comments

"Designing an Enterprise Datacenter"


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So guide me man about it....

apart from the physical aspects of the data center what should we consider designing a data center...

and how about working on virtualization in it...???


There are sooo many ways to view the design of a datacenter. Virtualization is a whole topic on it's own.

Read this and you will have plenty of information to guide you on your project.


thanx a lot man....

and do tell me the aspects of Virtualization inside a Datacenter...

thanx again


I am trying to bring something new in a traditional datacenter


if you are looking for something new, post your thoughts, and we will tell you if they are actually new, or have already been implemented before


can you all guide me that up to how much extent virtualization is implemented in this field...??


that depends on what the datacentre is built for. if it's a colocation DC, then every customer uses his servers for his own needs, if it belongs to a company, then there is more order in the chaos.
there are a few major types of virtualization - desktop, software, server, storage and v-cloud (a very generalized concept that includes all of the aforementioned types).
desktop virtualization comes in two main flavours - desktop VMs (vmware vdi, red hat/qumranet solidICE, XENdesktop) and terminal servers (MSTS, Citrix, LTSP)
software virtualization provides provisioning of software through different means, starting from terminal sessions that provide only one program and close after you exit that program, and down to things like http://www.installfree.com
server virtualization is for virtualizing server grade solutions. most commonly used systems are vmware esx, XEN, Parrallels, KVM/QEMU, VirtualIron etc...
storage virtualization is basically what you get in a modern SAN - NetApp, EMC, Hitachi
and as for v-clouds - just read the wiki article, the concept is too wide for a brief explanation

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