hey guys, I have a 2-3 pc home network all running xp, I'm using an old dynalink router which is connected to a switch(cheap no brains switch) and my pc's run from there.

Is there a command line command that allows each pc to get an ip/mac address from each pc without me having to ping the machines.

At the moment I have to ping before it shows in my arp -a table, the only dynamic entry learnt by itself is the default gateway, what I would like is a command that each machine can ping the pc's network and get a return back from each one.

My router does not give this out as its old and not setup for it, so can I do thru the pc's?

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Am not sure if its possible through the PC's but it can be done on your router,you can use Show ip route at the router CLI, it reveals all the addresses of connected devices.issue the command at the global configuration mode.


how to view my all pcs ip and default gateway
i am able to view ip, mac address but not able to view gateway and preffered dns

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