I have a dsl modem w/a wired linksys router, model befsx41, (2 pc's and 1 business type printer - each w/a static ip). I have visiting baseball players each w/a wireless laptop (2 total) and 1 wireless linksys router, model wrt54g. I plugged the wireless router into the 4th port on the wired router, but the laptops don't get any connectivity. I think I need to access the wireless router and give it a static ip address so that all will work w/my existing network, but don't know how to do this - where to go, how to access the wireless router settings, etc. Or am I missing the boat completely?

I tried plugging the wireless router into the modem, and then plugged in my 2 pc's and printer, but only the laptops get connectivity. [pretty sure this has to do w/the static ip addresses existing for my network.] So, I reverted the configuration back to my original (w/the wireless router connected in my 4th port on the wired router), so that my 2 pc's work.

Thanks for any help! As I'm a newbie, simplicity helps.

I changed the ip addy on the wireless router to and plugged this router into the 4th port on the wired router. The laptops see the printer and 2 pcs on my existing network. The laptops still have no internet connectivity. What do I do now?

I believe you have to set the wireless router up as a bridge, does the wireless router not have any ethernet connections?

What you should be able to do is replace the wired router with the wireless one.

If you are using a wireless router don't forget to put a password on it!