Have a friends toshiba sat. laptop that finds wireless router but gets stuck displaying acquiring ip address.
matched most settings against my laptop all look the same.
Took it home and it finds my 2 wireless routers but same symptoms.
in safe mode with networking
check setting to aquire ip automatically , dhcp and auto configuration enabled.
disable, uninstall and update to latest driver. Atheros AR5005G , 23/03/ 2006
try ping ip - no response.

tried several forums but running out of ideas other than drive reformat.
note this is a new setup, wasn't on wireless before.

toshiba satallite MBOS01EACP05
OLD one i know but not too much crap on it still gets around ok.

Try setting a static IP address and see if you can connect when that is set.

thanks , I'll try that next when I get a chance...

Go to the "network connections windows" and right click on the wireless connection. Then go to the tab were the "remembered" networks are located. Clear these out. If it has remembered an old password the log in will fail and not prompt for a password.

It could be many other things like security on the router but try this first.