Hi all,

Just trying to expand the range of my home wireless network. I am currently on a Telstra Bigpond Cable modem (Motorola Surfboard SBG900 Wireless) and running a 2 desktop PC's and a home laptop. The modem is at the other end of the house and one important note is I have NO physical access to it and it can not be moved or physically altered in anyway (living with in-laws, go figure).

The 2 desktops are connecting using Netgear USB WG111v2 adaptors and are getting anything from 0 signal to 3 bars.

I have brought an Asus Broad Range WL 320gE AP to help with the problem, and kindly ask with some help as to setting it up to boost the signal from the modem to the rest of the house. The AP's manual does very little to help in this area, it is mainly focussed on setting up a lan between PC's and apart from that a glossary of terms at best.

The main desktop is running Vista Home Basic 64bit, the Laptop Vista Home Premium. The other desktop I'm not concerned about whatsoever, its less powerful than the average $2 calculator.

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you need to connect the AP to the router with cable. that's it.

Thanks for the tip, but is there any way of doing it without physically connecting it?

If not, what settings should I give the unit once I've plugged it in?

there is a way, but it's not very stable. it's called repeater mode

its worth a shot, is that were I set it to URE?

maybe, I don't have the device in front of me

when you are going to put in a range expander you firt need to do a few things. power down and disconnect all present wireless devices. power off the router, ( hope you can get that done) power off the expander. power up the router,then the range expander. you are going to need access to the pc with the router to add the range expander ( for linksys i know you can log into the range expander or configure by pressing a button on the expander) don't know about yours, manual should be able to guide you from there.

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