Hello everyone,

I am new to this site and the reason that brought me here was a problem that I am having.

The problem:
I carry service with cox cable modem at my house and recently I had switched to a static ip due to the I must have constant access of my store with the home server. Now what makes this difficult is that I hooked up my router to the home line and programmed into it the static ip. Well one of the computers that is link to the router must as well have a static (intranet and internet) ip. It can be any ip but I must be able to connect to it remotely though a valid static ip…

Any help would be great,

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assign intranet adresses then use port forwarding on the router

e.g in my house:

public (static) ip = (made that up for this example)
internal ip of my web server -

i can configure port forwarding so that everytime the router (publicly visable as recieves a request for port 80 (web traffic) it redirects it to my web server at the internal ip

Thats the main purpouse of a router, to route certain traffic to the correct destination


Thanks for the reply... if you can give me a step by step to do this i would be in debt.

This would be for a linksys router with wireless..

Thank you

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