I am sorry if this has been mentioned before but all I need is some information on how to share an AOL Dial-Up Internet connection on a network. I have four computers all networked on a 10mb/s Hub. I dont mind if all four cannot share the one internet connection.

Please advise, thank you very much

Do a google search for a free "proxy" server program. Wingate used to be a good one, don't know if it's still around though. Be Forewarned... sharing a dial up connection is a horrible idea anyway, since the bandwidth is so limited. It will slow your connection down noticeably.

Thank you for your advice. We hope to get broadband soon. Is this easier for internet sharing and is it true that all computers on the network can access the internet at the same time?

Yes, but it cuts a little of your bandwidth for each system using it. It will work to make all pc's involved (who can talk to the computer running the proxy) access to the net through it... but be advised that it will slow the connection.