Alright in advance I'd like to apologize if I posted this in the wrong place, because I can not make up my mind about the right place... Maybe you'll understand once you read about the problem

So I've got a thomson speedtouch 585v7

My internet works like a heaven and I have 0 issues except for the tiny little fact that I can not get on the routers page..

So at first I tried resetting it and nothing changed.. Then I tried to go on it with a static IP.. No change.. I've tried a half a dozen browsers and I've tried going in through cmd telnet

But always it rejects my username and password which I KNOW are the correct ones.

I even called a technician I know who works for the ISP where I got the router one and he came over with another router & his lap top and voila both work on his laptop without any issues and on any browsers.

And yes the firmware is the latest..

Also during the period in which I had my old router and got this new one absolutely nothing has changed to my knowledge.

Also I don't have any extra firewalls or security programs..

And the operating system I'm on is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600)

Thats all the relevant info that I can think of adding here, if you need anything else please do ask and I will do my best to provide in hopes of getting some useful help x.x

Thanks in advance!

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I don't quite understand , your friend can access your router via his laptop, but from your computer you can't access the same router?


Comon.. I need some ideas here from somebody with more knowledge x.x


No.. More creativity.. if I was smart enough to reset it, try through static and so on.. I would atleast turn my firewall off while doing it and look at it beforehand..

That is if I had a firewall to start with.. Meh... Just frustrating sorry didn't mean to bounce on you for trying to help

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