My wireless adapter (netgear) has been working good for about 3-4 years now. Recently, it stopped working. My computer says that it's not connected when it is. When I run "ipconfig" it says "media disconnected". However, on my wireless network, it picks up my neighbor's network, so the adapter must be working somehow, but just not with my router. Any ideas?

A few initial suggestions/questions:

* What make/model of router do you have?
* If you have security settings configured on the router, disable them temporarilly and see if that changes the problem at all.
* Try the wifi card on a few more networks in addition to your neighbors just to be thorough.
* Give the router a hard reset if it has that option; it may have taken a power hit or glitched in some other way.

thank you for the reply. my router is netgear "MR314". i've tried disabling all securtiy settings and a hard reset didn't work. the router's wireless lights indicate that the wireless is on and active. any other suggestions or ideas?