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  • Netgear DG834G v2 wireless aDSL modem/router (ports 1 through 4, plus wireless function)
  • Sony VAIO desktop 1 – connected to router w/ CAT5 cable
    The Network Connections icon in the System Tray shows a red X. MouseOver message says, "Network Bridge -- A network cable is unplugged".
  • Sony VAIO desktop 2 – connected to router w/ CAT5 cable
    Connects to the network and internet without issues.
  • Sony VAIO notebook PCG-7L1L – wireless connection to router
    Connects to the network and internet without issues.

All seemed to work fine (for months) until just this morning. Desktop 2 will network without problem connected to any of the four router ports, and using either of two new network cables.

I have disconnected power from the router/modem and turned off the two hard-wired desktop PCs. After a two minute wait, I've powered ON the router/modem, then turned ON the PCs. Desktop 2 is the only unit to properly connect to the network. The NIC is on the motherboard for both desktop units.

Start > Run > Cmd > ipconfig returns no information for the problem desktop PC.

Constructive troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated. =)

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Start > Run > Cmd > ipconfig returns no information for the problem desktop PC.
and what is this info it returns also include info for other computers that are working


Desktop 1 PC and the notebook each return a set of values/addresses for IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway


SONY Desktop 1 -- what is the purpose of the network bridge? Is it supposed to be there? I am no networking expert...but in cases like yours, the bridge appears (sometimes by accident). If you delete the bridge, the problem could go away. At least, in my experience, that has helped in the few cases I have tried it. But then again, I don't know your network setup.


Deleting the Network Bridge, then rebooting solve this issue. Thanks for all the constructive input ... in particular, many thanks to Dukane. Your rep = rep+1 :)


Your very welcome...I don't know what it is about those bridges, but they pop up from time to time and leave people wondering what the heck happened!

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