In my network there is 35 computers connected through multiple switches. I also have 2 Network Printers. Now I want to setup 3 Server for this network, 1 as Linux server, 1 as Windows Server and 1 as print server.
Can anyone please help me out with the guide to do this. I am not a network admin, but I want to do this for a charitable organization to help them. Please help me. Thanx in advance.

Ok I am going to assume that each switch has only one vlan and that each is off its own port of a router and equal amounts of computers on each. so in effect we have something like this with all switches not connected.



in this case you could simply throw 1 server on each switch and have the router do the work with say switch 1 and 3 having a printer. No real work required here just make sure you know which ip the server has as they are all in vlan1

Scenario 2

With the switches daisy chained. Make sure that the switches are trunk ported on the ports between each other. Also you would have to have the router aware of the vlan's via sub interfaces. in THIS scenario if you plug each server directly into it's own port on the router it again would be easy just make sure each server is in it's own subnet. If your router only HAS 1 WaN port and 1 Internal ethernet port then you could throw the servers off of any of the switch ports but you would want to trunk that port on the switch that the server is plugged into as well since you I hope have the switches in a seperate vlan from the computers and each switch having it's own vlan would make a bit more sense in this wiring scheme.

If both are wrong please feel free to give more information and if you give me the model and I have the time i can try to draw it up in packet tracer and give you configs to use.

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i have giga byte switch of d link dgs 3100 24,and 15 pc connected with this . but my problum is that all pc's net adapter autometically unpluged and after few second it autometecally pluged pls help . all pc,s have giga byte port