is it a good idea to remap a port? any ideas.. thanks :)

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Just for the hell of it? No. If you have a reason then perhaps... plus it also depends on the port.

okay, because read somewhere else remapping would prevent hackers for finding specific ports.. but not quite confident with that idea so i ask for suggestions...

plus it also depends on the port

what is the port range that can be remap? if ever.. :)

You can remap any port you want BUT if you're behind a standard linksys router then it doesn't matter anyways because by default no ports are forwarded (forwarded='port remapped' as you call it). Port forwarding/NAT is only a consideration when you are hosting a service such as an FTP site, or web site.

For example on we run an FTP site. Sometimes I change the port from :21 to :XXXX to stop these anonymous login attempts (a weak attempt at hacking).

However we also run a website on (:80) and a mailserver (:25) and if we were to change those two ports it would break our email and e-mail. E-mail expects port :25 and i'm not sure there is anything you can do about it.

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