I have a wireless device (Intermec Scanner) and can't get it to obtain an IP address automatically. I've set up DHCP with plenty of available ip's.
When the device tries to obtain automatically, it gives it the loopback address and cannot get on the network.
I have other devices that log-on with no problem.
Hope somebody has experienced this problem before and knows the resolution or if you have any questions for me to help you get a better idea of how to resolve this issue, it would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Can't say I've heard of that before, but are you able to tell if you are getting a connection to your access point?

Are you sure that the wireless device is definately getting from the DHCP server? Is the device definately set-up to obtain IP address automatically within it's network settings? What happens if you manually assign an IP address (with relevent netmask and gateway) on the wireless device?

I'd suggest first of all posting a complete dump from 'ipconfig' (assuming it's a Windows box) for us to look at.


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