I am having two different networks connected to the same SWITCH D-Link DES-1024D.

First Network:
This network is VPN through Sify (ISP) to connect to remote server. This network doesn't have internet.

Second Network:
This network is using Microsoft ISA (Internet Security & Acceleration Server) server installed on Windows 2000 server, for internet sharing purpose. Basically this is internet group.

ISA server is having 2 NIC cards. One Nic is having Cable modem Static IP, and internal NIC is also having static IP (
Clients default gateway is

Both the groups are working fine. But when I want to transfer files from first group to other group, it is difficult to me. Presently I am changing the IP to that group and getting the things.

But what I want is to do is, share the files and printers just as they are in same group. But I don't want to give internet to the first group except microsoft.com and Antivirus site to update Window & antivirus dat files automatically. And my VPN connectivity should not expose to public.

Here I am attaching the diagram for better understanding.

If anyone can help in this regd, would be greatful.

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There are a number of ways that you could accomplish this one.

1 -- You would need to set up a router to route traffice from your network to your network and vice versa. This could be a windows/linux based server with RIP or some other routing protocol set up on it. Or you could go with a dedicated hardware router, these can be more expensive though.

2 -- You could set up a central file server to host all of your files as well as your printer. This machine would have two NICs in it, one with the address and one with the address. That way both networks could communicate with the server.

In order to get both networks to access the Internet, you would need to go with option 1. This is the only way without using a proxy, which I think ISA may do. ISA may also do the filtering that you are talking about.

This was just a basic explanation, so let me know if you need any further explanation.


hi this is jibraeel
i have share internet with 2 diffrent ip`s i mean on 1 network with, 7 pc r running on that, another network with ip. both r with but seperate network
i cant access the network which is runningon 83.110.124125 but those r on sharing ip is same. and i need to share my printer could anyone tell me what should i do for sharing my printer.

Jibraeel, you need to start a new thread in this forum, as more people will see it.

Please, no piggybacking.

Thread closed.


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