Does anyone know how to setup a ftp server on win 2000, or know a website that can help? I want it to be secure for only people I want to login, no anonymous logins.

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I use CuteFTP on the odd occasion I need to set up an FTP, (something I rarely do anymore).

It can be found at:

There are lots of other FTP programs around as well. I'd suggest searching for FTP programs at: (this is Cnet's download site).

I know under XP you can install IIS and run an FTP server for that. Try poking around in the Add/Remove programs control panel under Add/Remove Windows components. There may be something of interest there.'s a componnent of IIS which can be installed from Add/Remove Programs-->Windows Componnents. Once you install it when you right click My Computer and go to Manage -- one of the options should be can manage security there. Make sure you don't install all the other stuff from IIS unless you actually need it. Good luck.

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