I have one server(HP Proliant250 ML) with two SCSI drives.

I want that if one harddisk goes down I have an immediate backup for that harddisk b/c that server is a domain server... and many applications depend on that...
there are two options in my mind
first create RAID
but which one(hardware of software) and what level

Second is to create an Image

is there any software to create an image from SCSI drive....

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Most Proliant servers have hardware RAID controllers. Using hardware will provide the best performance - BUT - if you already have configured the controller as two independent disks and loaded the O/S, then you likely won't be able to convert them to hardware RAID array. Software RAID is likely your only choice unless you want to reinstall the O/S.

Since you have only 2 disks, then RAID-1 (drive mirroring) is your only choice.



thanks for replying

how to confirm that the system configured the controller as two independent disks

and if not configured then hows to done the hardware RAID 1 mirroring

please guide


When you boot the system, the SCSI controller should prompt for a configuration via pressing F8 - that facility can display how the disks are configured as volumes. You can also go to the HP web site and download the Windows utilities that will enable monitoring and management of the array volumes from Windows iteslf, except for (obviously) modifying the Windows volume itself.

All software and documentation is available from the HP web site.


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