I have my 360 and Vista-based PC connected to an NR041 router. My PC detects my 360, but not the other way around. I've tried just about everything. File sharing has been enabled on Windows Media player 11 (which also detects the 360). The router settings are at default. No port forwarding has taken place. Should I be using crossover cables? I read that they maybe be necessary for two computers to communicate with each other if the router doesn't support internal crossover connecting. Though the 360 isn't a exactly a computer running the same OS, networking is networking, right? The IP's are all obtained automatically between the 360 and the router, and the IP of the 360 and PC are in the same range. But I think that's just for internet connectivity. There are some ports that are suggested to be open for the media sharing software to work, but I'm not quite sure where in my router to open them...if it's in my router at all.

Asus Striker Extreme
Intel Core 2 Duo 3Ghz
nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
4GB DDR2 Dual Channel
X-Fi Elite Pro

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>Though the 360 isn't a exactly a computer running the same OS, networking is networking, right?

the 360 does not run vista, but it uses tcp/ip. don't use crossover cables if you're using a router. i think you need to open up the ports in the windows firewall, i don't you're router has much to do with it.


the xbox sharing needs XP MCE or Vista HP or above

You're absolutely right. I found this out a last week. I apologize for not posting this sooner. But yeah, I was on the phone with Xbox customer support for an hour before I realized that the guy didn't even ask me what version of Vista I was running. So I asked him. And he's like, "Ohhhh...that's why it won't work." Pfft...


yeah, i only ust thaught about that

I had XP Pro and got the xbox music mixer disk for my 1st gen (not 360) xbox and wondered why it didnt work, only to find that i needed MCE.


I have a vista based OS and the communication between my xbox360 and Pc is great. FYI I am running vista home edition with media center. Media center is recommended for the Xbox360. But if you like you can check out the Xbox website and DL Zune that also work great with my other computer which is running XP Pro.


i have an Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002. n i need a software tht will work..i tried Zune, but it don't work with my system, n i also tried MMP 11, tht didnt work neither..plzz HELP

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