I have an hp pavilion ze5500 that was upgraded to a ze5580. It has a built in wifi card. I purchased this computer from a neighbor who bought it but rarely used it. I bought it for is wifi capabilites. It has an internal wifi card.

I bought it, toddled off to the nearest open access network (hotspot) but couldn't access the network even though seller never had any problem with accessing a network when she checked into various hotels.

I eventually got the wifi card to grab the signal at our local library. But I still can't connect to other hotspots in my area.

A) at one location it will show that I'm connected but I can't access any pages.

B) at another location the computer can't even connect to the signal.

C) up until two days ago, the wifi card was working perfectly in the library but now my computer can't even show that it is recognizing the library's signal. But it will show its picking up the closed access signal of the elementary school right next door to the library.

This card is all over the map and I can't figure out what its causing the problem. About the time the card stopped working in the library I'd downloaded and installed Microsoft's SP3 so I could run Jing on my computer. Could the SP3 be causing a problem with the library's signal?

I don't know if this is a config problem, a driver problem or what. In the Device Manager everything is running fine. No yellow signs on any of the devices.

My Infrared Device is Ali Fast Infrared Controller
Network Adapters are as follows;
1394 Net Adapter
Hp WLAN 54g W450 Network Adapter
Mac Bridge Mini Port
National Semiconductor Corp. DP83815/816 10/100 MacPhyter PCI Adapter

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Do you have the latest drivers for the card?

Do you have the latest drivers for the card?

I know this may sound stupid but which of those things listed about in my original thread do I look for updated drivers for. And....do I just type in the names +download to search search for newer drivers?


If you go to hp.com and select Support, you will be able to download the latest drivers for your wifi card. You should also poke around while you're there because they have enhancements or fixes for you system that might help resolve the issue as well.