I would want to know all the types of the cables used in networking and why they are used in those applications?The differences in the cables and the brand names attached to them

there are 3 types of cabling
1. Straight-through Cable
2. Cross over Cable
3. Rolled cable

what type of cables do connect:

what type of cables do connect:

the 3 cables of networking crossover and strait thru are necessary because most of the network hardware printers,copiers, computers, connect to devices like switches routers and wireless routers ..these devices cause the network to exist without them we would be in limbo but with out the cables connected to them no one would know you exist either

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Objective: Seeking a dynamic and professional organization which offers challenging opportunities for showing skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for innovation.
Being an optimist try to update the things and confirm the challenges which will be encountered in the field.
Information: F/NAME: ALI NAWAZ
DATE OF BIRTH: 10-03-1985
C.N.I.C #: 45102-3718313-1
Education: 2003 to dec: 2006
I.I.T, University of sindh jamshoro
BS(I.T)(HONS) (Bachelor of science in Information Teconolgy)
C.G.P.A: 2.38 percentage:56.16
3 month completing computer hardware course registered by
pakistan software export bearue
3 month completing mobile hardware and software course registered by Pakistan software export bearue
Hobbies :

Computer Skills:


Reading Books, Newspapers, Watching TV, Internet Browsing,to help others

MS Office, XP/2000, Windows XP/2000, Computer Construction,and Internet Applications.
Installation of different operating system and application programs.
Computer hardware assembling,installation and trouble shooting computer.
Working at different kind of software such as: AIR BOX and TITLE BOX software’s
And more others

5 month experience as an ASST: I.T officer and controling all
teconology Master control room(M,C,R) sending transmission,LAN sharing network,telephone network,television network and e.tc at dharti television network in karachi head office.

6 month experienced as a teacher of networking and
administrator in alsammad computer and techinical college

2 month experienced as computer hardware teacher in
alsamad computer and technical college ghotki

2 month experienced as ASST: in denim clothing company karachi

2 month experienced as ASST: PRODUCTION MANAGER in AHSAN ELLAHI & CO.

Command on International, National and other Regional Languages.
References: Furnished upon Demand.

try cisco .con /learning register with them and look inside the forums group if you submit a question there you will recieve a reply