I tried to install a program and after I get the message the installation program could not create the folder "C:\program file\VSO\ConvertX\3"
and Error5:Access denied, I tried to restore my sistem to an earlier date to undo all the changes that I had made, and to my surprise I found that I had no restore point available.

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Noting to worry about here, just your drive or some file have no permission to install. thats it! No need to restore the system to previous level. I think there is some options to create automatic restore points and one more option is you have to set the restore point before you install the program.

Ok, thanks, I solved the permission part but why doesn't Windows XP creates automatic restore points? When I try to restore my system there are no restoration points.

Well, check that you have allowed it for the drives [partitions] you wish it to apply to, and that you have allowed sufficient space for it [5 or 6% of disk space should suffice].
Go via CP>System>System Resore.
Windows should create automatic restore points before any software installation occurs. Provided that you meet the above criteria.
Consider also the program ERUNT. It's just a better thing.

OK, thanks, I changed the percentage of disk space and stopped supervising other partitions and problem seems to be resolved. I have a dual boot system and 2 HDs, I wonder if that was the reason why automatic restore points were not made by windows XP pro. since it was supervising all the partitions.

Good-oh. On any hdd, there is no point monitoring pure data partitions: System Restore just does not monitor data files. SR records changes to application file types only so only set it to monitor partitions with system files and applications. On my sys I have C: as pure system/boot drive and only the XP apps that don't function well in another partition [IE, for example], and no non-sys data at all. E: is my applications drive.
I monitor only those two.
[You wouldn't wish to restore a page file drive, now would you?]
But if you don't uncheck the box relating to pure data drives SR will waste some space in them. I suppose I could add that turning off monitoring on those drives won't delete the SysVol Inf files.... to empty those useless restore points you must turn off System Restore, and then turn it on again. Toggling deletes old points.

Thanks, I am fearly new in this field and where I live (Venezuela) there are not many places where I can get information, so thanks again.

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