I am curious to know how many people that have a wireless network at home have their security turned on (such as WEP).

Yesterday I saw on the news that many don't put their security on so anyone that has a wireless enabled computer that is close enough will be able to connect on your internet connection and do all sorts of stuff you don't want to happen. There was a guy with a laptop in a park surfing the Internet.

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I have 4 access points and routers all with wep active.

Hmmm I like Wombats. is sure winning by a large margin... lol

really I dont know who did this but what the heck.

Its not really the good place for asking this cuz everyone or almost, knows how to turn it on... I can see most has WEP turned on.

it's quite handy to use net scrabbler in london. it seeks open networks and you can access the internet almost anywhere. if people bothered to turn on their wireless security you wouldnt be able to do this. i'm not complaining tho, long live the open network

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