Hi. I'm totaly stuck, please help! I have 2 pc's connected, host running XP and client running Millenium. I have a broadband connection and managed to connect both pc's to the internet after much fiddling. i installed SP2 and lost the clients internet connection. I then experienced "system halted, windows protection" error messages (dont really know how). Had to do a destructive system restore. Got the LAN working (pinging), but no internet connection (again after much fiddling). Then lost host net connection (and kept LAN)... more fiddling.... got host back and lost LAN. Now I have host working fine (but some obscure advanced setting may be changed) Host and Client will not ping, this does not appear to be IP settings.... Funny thing is client can initialise broadband connection on host!!!!!

on ip config for client the second ethernet adapter is does this sound right?

Does anyone have any idea what I have done by fiddling? I have read all windows troubleshooters and they can not fix this.

Thanks :-)


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Also canr receive incomming msn file transfers.... think it might b related.....

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