Hi there all, I was hoping you could help me with this problem.

I have just finished uni, and at my house there we had NTL cable broadband, and used a Wireless DSL/Cable Gateway Router, ( in fact the 802.11b version of this i think )

Now i am back at home with my parents, and would like a wireless network in their house. However, my parents *insist* on keeping their BT line. So i'm looking into the pros and cons of ADSL to maybe save a few quid.

My main question is; can i use the cable/dsl router i already have with an ADSL modem?

Also, which (if any) UK ISPs provide the ethernet modem required for this? Can anyone recommend a suitable ISP? (My main requirements are no download limits & a low price)

If I can do this, then excellent; if not then i need to look at how the cost of a new router compares with having to pay at least £17.99 a month for blueyonder cable broadband (it's £17.99 as opposed to the mainly advertised £14.99 because we're not using their phone service)

Sorry for the semi-ramble, but i hope someone can help.

Thanks for reading!


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Why not switch to BT Yahoo. £15 for 1mb broadband, 1Gb download limit, or next up to 2mb for £30, (they do some waste of time 1mb service for £25 I think).

I have a BT Yahoo £30 service and you can pay seperately to the telephone bill, which i do. I have your router as well and it works fine. Its easy to find the router config instructions from BT as well.

I assume other ISPs offer much the same though.

I have the 802.11g version actually, but should be fine.

am kojo from ghana. i work with ghana telecom. we now provide ADSL broadband internet connection with a basic DSL modem.
i would like you to help me with the basic configuration parameter needed for DSL router. i mean things i should take into account when configuring a new DSL router.

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