My old multi-sytem network had no problems using ICS to connect. Since changing to Windows XP Pro on all systems on my LAN and also switching to broadband I have hit a problem.

The main machine can reach all websites okay but the client machines can't.
E.G. They can reach but not, google is okay but msn isn't, is fine but clients can't reach ebay.

The basic setup must be okay for the clients to be able to reach any sites at all so what is stopping them reaching ALL sites.

I have tried disabling the firewall completely but this makes no diference, I have tried tweaking every setting I can think of to no avail and I have tried using specific IP addresses rather than automatically assigned ones but this didn't work either,

Does anyone have any ideas please ?

The network setup wizard that comes with Windows XP offers no salvation? Try the manual setup guide quoted below, but before doing so can you please describe your network setup? Switches, modems, what connects to which, and so forth.

How do I get internet connection sharing working over a network?

1. Here's an easy way. Go to the computer which will be connecting to the internet.
Win9x: Go to add/remove programs in control panel, windows setup, and install internet connection sharing from the network section.
WinXP: Go to control panel, network connections, right click the internet connection, and click properties. Go to advanced, and enable internet connection sharing.

2. Make sure the network is setup with TCP/IP. Still on the host PC.
Win9x: Go to control panel, network, properties of the network's TCP/IP (should have the name of your network card next to it)
WinXP: Go to control panel, network connections, properties of the LAN connection.
Make sure the IP number is set to, and the subnet mask is

3. Go to the same TCP/IP section as above with the other computers on the network. Set the IP addresses to something different each time (192.168.0.[something else]), but the subnet mask is always

Then, staying in the TCP/IP properties, set the default gateway and DNS server to the IP of the HOST computer (make sure you click add in Win9x to add the IP to the list). Do not do this step with the HOST computer.

4. Connect to the net. Make sure Internet Explorer is set to automatically detect settings (Go to tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings).

5. Leach away! Same sort of thing with ADSL (provided it's not plugged directly into a hub), and make sure you set these options in the LAN network card settings, not the card the ADSL modem plugs into!

Thanks for the info. I will give it a go and let you know.

I tried your suggestions but the result was exactly the same. The problem has now been resolved and turned out to be a spyware\adware issue. I have been using McAfee Internet Security package to check regularly for sptware but it always reports my systems as clear. A colleague suggested trying Spybot so I downloaded this and ran it only to find I had 30+ infections. Thanks for nothing McAfee !!! After cleaning my machines they can all connect properly and my system speed has also increased.

When I think of the time I have spent attempting to fix this problem myself, not to mention the generous help from others, I think it ought to be legal to murder these spyware/adware generators.

Thanks again for the help.