I'm tryng to connect my Linksys 4 port router to my Motorola SB4200 SURFboard. My problem is I can't get past step one. It says to connect the ethernet cable to the modem. Well, my modem only has one port for this size cable which is needed for the internet cable. Do I need some type of splitter or something that will allow me to plug the internet cable and my ethernet cable for the router into this one port?

Sorry, I'm no tech., that's for sure. Thanks much, Ken

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I am using a LinkSys 8 port router with a Motorola SB4100 Surfboard ;) So here's what you do. Three things come out of the cable modem: First is power which connects to a wall outlet. Second is coaxial cable (I think that's what it's called) which connects to your cable TV outlet in the wall. Third is the ethernet cable which connects from your cable modem into the cable/dsl port of your router. Then, all your computers connect to the other ports of your router. In that way, the router has a port for each computer in addition to one going to the cable modem.

Incidently I'm moving this post to the networking forum where it belongs.

Thanks but I'm still confused....I can't connect the router to the modem because there is only one port and it's taken up by the internet service....do I need a splitter or something? Thanks Ken

What do you mean it's taken up by the Internet service? The cable modem is what provides the Internet service?

O.k., I think I'm dumber than I thought..lol I'll try something and see if it works. Thanks for your immediate help...on a holiday at that! Awesome.

Let me know! :) I'll be here for another 20 minutes until Bewitched is over on TV Land LOL

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