Alright.. I am struggling!!! I am a NEW MAC user and love it, but I really want to set up my home network. I will explain my situation. I have a cable internet connection at home, so I bought a NetGear DSL/CABLE router. I hooked it up and bingo, both my MAC and my DELL PC can access the internet. That's great, now I want them to access each other. I am not very proficient at networking but I am sure that I should be able to access files from each system and possibly share a printer. The problem is that I don't know how to set up either system very well for networking. Is there someone out there that can walk me through this process? I would really appreciate it. If you need anymore information you may ask.

Frustrated new MAC user.

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What operating system is the Dell pc running? Is it Windows XP? Windows 9x/ME?

I don't know how Mac's talk to PC's, but I assume they use some variant of Samba in OSX.


few things...

share something on your xp box. right click a folder and select file sharing. when you are done with the wizard involved you should see a hand at the bottom of the folder.

enter in the exact name of the windows machine. not the ip address. start>controlpanel>system>computer name <-- its listed in there.

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