Please help me not pull my hair out!! I have a cable hardwired to pc, works excellent. Wireless router works fine on lap top.

Upstairs pc - enter the nightmare!!it shows that it has a connection to several wireless routers, mine and neighbors included, but it can't connect to the internet?????

What's going on?

used windows 7 network diagnostics and received the following errors:
"local connection adapter is not working properly" but I believe it is. this only came up one time

"Native wifi default profile detected" - OK??? what's that mean? is that a problem?

I feel so stupid. I havent' had this much trouble ever setting up a network. I'm not a seasoned expert, but i just usually can figure stuff out.

seems like once i uninstalled net nanny trial version all things fell apart. is that possible?
Looking forward to any advice you've got.


Can you connect with the wireless not far from the router without the cable? It may be that your router has security options and you need the security key. Check in your routers settings and see if there is a WEP key or tell us what options are selected in the router under wireless.