Hi All,

I am hoping that someone can help me with my WRT54G wireless router. I Comcast is my ISP, and I pay for about 12 Mbps. When I plug my computer (PC running Vista) directly into the router or modem I get about 8 Mbps, which is great. However, when I try to use the network wirelessly it slows all the way down to .5 Mbps. I know its not a problem with my individual computer because the network is VERY slow on my girlfriends computer as well and because I can connect to my neighbor's wireless network and get about 5-6 Mbps.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Maybe it is interference. Have you tried changing the channel or repositioning the antenna?

Does the location make a difference to the connection speed? eg. is the connection speed the same 1 meter away as it is about 10 meters away?


Hi Xlphos,

Thanks for responding. I have changed the channels, and that doesn't help. Neither does repositioning the antennae.

Location doesn't make much of a difference because my apartment is pretty small, so I'm not more than 10 yards away at any time.

Any other ideas?

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