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I can't get my one computer to have excellent signal strength in the other room. How can this be accomplished or is this even necessary? Much of the time it is low and sometimes it is good. Once in a blue moon I have seen it very good. I have the Dlink DI 524 with a usb antenna on my desktop. It is about 30 or so feet away from the router. What do you suggest to boost the signal? Should I switch to a different antenna on my receiving computer? Suggestions?

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what type of wireless is it, i am not that familiar with wireless connections (wires are faster and not that hard to snake if you have electrical experience) but i am pretty sure that wireless b is reallt bad, so if you are using that i would upgrade. if you have g or something better than you might have a bad card on the other computer. if no one else can come up with some better suggestions there are wireless signal boosters that you can get for like $30-50 or so, other than that my only other opinion is go wired, 30 feet is pretty close so if you want a faster more reliable connection i would go out and buy a different router and about 100 ft of ethernet cable.

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I hard wired it. Too many obstacles in the way and didn't want to spend the money for boosters and such. Hard wired is 100%. Thanks.

If you don´t want to worry about that wire being in the way, you didn´t really have to wire it. The Dlink Dl-524 wireless router is capable of transferring data at rates of up to 54 Mbps, according to a google.

Depending on you data transfer from your internet connection, 54 Mbps is more than capable of handling anything you can throw at it, unless you have a commercial internet connection. If it´s DSL, for example, you might have a half meg or 1 Mbps/Roadrunner, which is a very fast cable is 5 Mbps. So let´s consider the Roadrunner, you can have a signal on the Dlink of only 10% strength and you will still be transferring data as fast as the modem will go. Of course, this is theoretical and in a real situation, you aren´t going to have any trouble as long as you can maintain about 40-50% signal strength...

Go back to wireless and forget the signal strength unless you are out in the backyard!:D

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But everything was slow. Downloads were minimal if at all. It just wasn't good. Now, wam bam and it's done.

wires can transfer 100 mbps why wouldnt you want that if you new how to wire stuff.

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Who are you talking to? That's why I wired it. Greased lightning now.

i was talking to zeroth.

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