I am trying to troubleshoot what is seeming to be a networking issue.

The network that I am working with has 4 computers going through a linksys wireless router, some wireless, some hard wired. The problem computer seems to be denying all inbound connection and we cannot figure out why.

This computer has internet access (in fact, I'm making this post from it) just fine and it can ping every other computer on the network (,, and , but none of the other computers can ping this computer; nor can the computer ping itself ( - Request Timed Out).

It can ping localhost just fine (

Currently, there is no form of antivirus or firewall running on the problem computer, or any of the computers that are trying to access it. This particular computer is connected wirelessly, but we have also tried connecting it directly to the router for diagnostic purposes, but still to no avail.

This problem started when we updated the our business software. Every computer was updated, but this is the only computer that is giving us any issues. Any help would be appreciated!


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1. Double check your IP address by running ipconfig from a command prompt.

2. Since it is wireless make sure you have not connected to another wireless network by mistake.

3. If the card cannot ping it's self then TCP/IP may not be properly loaded. Go to the network cards properties and remove TCP/IP. OK the change then go back in and add it back.

4. You could have a conflict with the internal port being set for even if it is not active.

5. Check to see if NetBIOS protocol is loaded for the adapter if you are tryiung to connect to a windows network.

6. If the ipconfig shows you to be on another subnet 169.254.0.X go in to the properties and give it a static IP on your network confirm you can connect then reset it back to DHCP and it should pick up the router correctly.

Post the results from ipconfig if you are still having problems.

Which Operating Systems are you using on your computers in your network?
Which software did you update on the computers in your LAN?
Which Router is it?

Are these other computers able to access resources and data on that perticular computer(The computer which has internet access) and vice versa?

Are all these computers connected to a switch and switch is connected to your Router?

Wow, sorry, I forgot to follow up on this thread.

The issue was resolved by completely removing Norton from the computer.

Thank you for trying to help, guys. :)

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