hey i have windows xp prof installed on my comp. and my com is attached to printer which is shred on the network i want to set that if any one give some print option on my printer then copy of that document should be saved on my comp

I dont believe this can be done on an XP box. However, Explicit logging can be
accomplished when a Linux box is used as a NTDOMAIN server with Samba and Cups.
Cups would actually be the one that does the logging of who sent what from where
and could push out the info to /var/log/messages which you would have to monitor.
Im sure you could set it up to make a copy anytime someone printed but that just
seems like a waste. I dont know of anyone that logs copies of printed files. but you could
set up the printer requested to print to file on the print server by specifying two
destinations (one the printer & the other the file) every time the print alias is called by
samba or cups..

i came to know that this is possible in windows also through some third party software.

where is the stuff which i m looking for in this link