I have 2 laptops which I use wireless through a Net gear router. My desktop is on cable which the NG router is connected to. I have Internet problems with my desktop. My NG router causes me to loose my Internet to my desktop. I will loose the Internet completely on the desktop but the laptops work fine.
The surveillance camera eventually will hook wireless to but I just haven't had time to configure the second router.
OK my question is....what do I need to purchase to make everything wireless.. I want to be able to run 5 or 6 things wireless. I'm sorry if the question seems kinda armature but I really don't know what to do. I'm so tired of loosing the net on my desktop.

Thank you in-advance

Well the issue with the wired dropping. Could be a bad cable, could be a bad network port on the router or the computer. Or could be the whole router itself. Any event if wireless is what you want: easiest way to get wireless is with a USB wireless dongle. You can get wireless G capable ones for about $30 I think. Or you can get a wirless pci or pcie card. But if you dont know what a pci card is, then get the USB one.

5 or 6 things on a standard router is a bit much. You may see disconnections depending on how heavy the network use is. From what I've seen, dlink have some fairly reliable wireless routers. My suggestion is to google for specific models of wireless routers that are reliable, as most of them arent.

Hmmm that is some what crushing. Maybe the best thing to do is figure out why I'm loosing my connection. Pci card is out but for kicks could try the dongie just to test it I guess.
I do have a second router here to. really hate to go that route but really don;t know where to start to trouble shoot the netgear. Nothing is easy when it comes to computers that is for sure...

is the router left on always? could be hot and thus problematic.

as posted by pc hater, running only the desktop on the router and see if the dropout continues.
look into the ports at the router and pc, are they dusty or green? the cable itself?
it is rare for a piece of wire to break, but you could try a different cable.
the desktop could have malware...

the 2 wireless notebooks never have dropouts like the desktop?

The router is up 24-7 but its not hot. Laptop never drop. Matter of fact I have a laptop next to the desktop when the desktop looses it connection I just move to the laptop. Go back to the desktop later and its fine.Desktop been ran through with various program for malware coming clean with all. Dusty no, green?

latest driver for the network card?

swap the network card for another
(use a used one, so you know it works)

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