Hi all, I need to connect through ftp on some server to do some changes but I think that they use some rules to avoid connection from other foreigner countries (is it possible in your opinion). Basically I receive the 510 error with login and password incorrect but if my friends try with the same user and password in the same country of the server they got no problem!

So I was thinking to use some proxy but... I have no server to di proxy and anyway the proxy usually is for http protocol... i'm right?

I'd appreciate any suggestion!


Re: FTP unreachable from other country 80 80

if you want to find out if there is a proxy involved use traceroute (tracert on windows systems) to show you how your packets are being routed to the host.

traceroute <hostname or ip address>

If the tracert looks good then try using telnet and the port (21 for ftp) to see if you can connect to ftp.

telnet <hostname or IP>:21

Re: FTP unreachable from other country 80 80

Don't know, i tried with traceroute and also with nmap.
The port 21 is open but with the same login my friend does from Italy (where the server is) ... he log in, me not!

Re: FTP unreachable from other country 80 80

google for an anonymous proxy in italy, and punch that into your ftp client. It's weird they would block it like that though.

Re: FTP unreachable from other country 80 80

Yes good idea, I think I have no alternative.

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