Hi! I have an application that will operate with a distributed database on various pcs in multiple cities... the application is in c# connected to an sql server...I need the pcs to connect between themselves, how should they do this? it's the first time I work with this type of chalenge

I've been suggested that when the application starts on each computer they give their ip address (ip address will not be fixed) through internet to an application that will have the ip address directory and then start communication through tcp/ip, is this viable? if it is how secure is it?


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I'm assuming they need to communicate over the internet. Probably the best way to approach this is to have them use a remote access VPN(virtual private network) technology to connect to the central site where your application and SQL server are located. Openswan is a free VPN server for Linux. Windows itself can connect to some Openswan setups, or you can look into software solutions. A VPN will make it secure.

If you just use the internet connection, your traffic will be unsecured and is risky. By using a VPN you have more control on the network, and they will obtain IPs off the network, so you won't have to worry about public addressing.

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A very smart and diplomatic answer. It’s really appreciable and
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Re: Networking in different cities 80 80

thank you ryan461, i'll start researching on that line

any other suggestions?

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