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Hi to all, I currently need help ,we have a case study assignment , so far i need some information on how to implement this kind of network plan, for example what hardware and equipment would be necessary to satisfy the network needs.any info would be helpful thanks

So far I have already taken some hardware:
CAt6 Utp CAble
10/100/1000 mbps Network Lan
Riser - backbone optical fiber ,
3com baseline 2928 Switch -
2 SFP tranceiver
Server:hp g6 ung model with Microsoft 2008

The XYZ Publishing Company has asked your help to draft the network requirement for its company. The Accounting / HR / Administration and Layout / Graphic Artist group are required to come in to office including the General Manager and his / her secretary. Only the Columnist, Editor and contributors are
allowed to telecommute but are required to report at least once a week. They do not have a permanent cubicle in the office. The lounge area also allows employee with laptop computers to work in the area or meet visitors or clients. The reception should also have a LAN connection. The data requirement of the company is large. Each layout of a magazine or book contains a lot of high-quality images and pages. It is important for the company to be able to transfer files within their network at high speed and high capacity storage. Aside from data requirements, an integrated voice capability in the LAN is also needed plus connection to the Internet.

The company also has two more office in Cebu and Baguio. These branch offices are smaller should be connected to the company’s LAN and be able to access data and application from servers.

2.0 Requirement
Create a network requirement plan for the company that will allow systems integrator to design the network. The network requirement plan should include the type of cables, number of ports, types of access, data speed requirement, WAN connection and related parameters that will help the designer. The network requirement plan should also include the give a reasonable budget and considers future growth.

Here's the full document link http://www.mediafire.com/?buavltesu1uh07l

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