We have used Virgin Media (was ntl) broadband for years with no problem. We have also been using successfully Netgear WGT624 for wireless internet throughout the house.
Just recently our old ntl modem kept dropping connection so Virgin sent us a new modem. We have today installed it and had to phone Virgin to activate it. Having done that we have tried connecting the Netgear wireless router back on and there is no connection at all. I can connect direct to the modem but not through the router.
Tried phoning Virgin again, they don;t want to know as the modem is working fine so phoned Netgear they don't want to know as the router is out of warranty !!
We know there is nothing wrong with the router as we were using it fine 10 minutes before we changed the modem (I wish I hadn't bothered).
Is there any settings that need changing or can anyone help with this.
Many thanks in advance
PS Please be gentle with me, I know how to use computers but am not very technically minded. (Good to follow instructions though)

There can be so many variables to diagnose this. Are the 2 modems the old one and new one the same model? If so try plugging the modem into the wan port on the netgear and the computer into port 1-4. power off both devices. power on the modem then the netgear reboot the computer and see if you have internet?


I had a lot of help from Netgear technical dept and have now resolved the issue. Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to reply though.

Many thanks